About Buri Bags    
The Buri Palm
Buri is a type of palm tree that has large fan-shaped leaves ranging from 2 to 3 meters in length. Growing up to 40 meters in height, It is the largest palm found in the Philippines. Three types of fibers are derived from the Buri palm. They are Buntal, Raffia and Buri and are often used in the handicraft industry. Our bags are made from Buntal fibers.

buri palm

                                A group of Buri palm trees

The Acacia Tree

Acacia Trees have thorney branches and have little pod like leaves. The word Acacia is derived from the Greek word akis for "sharp point". These thorney trees are found world wide in warm regions such as Australia, Africa, Southern Asia, and the Americas. Many products are made from the Acacia tree including gum, perfume, medicines, and handicrafts. AcaciaTree  


            Thornes on a branch of the Acacia tree.